How to pass a blood drug test

Blood tests have been utilized for a long time to spot drug use, and while they are quite efficient, they do have their limitations. This is the main reason why blood tests are the least commonly used of all the major types of drug tests available today: blood, urine, hair and saliva.

Nevertheless, if youve smoked pot, had a drink, or used various narcotics or other illicit drugs in the past 1-3 days, a blood test might be able to pick it up. Passing a blood test can, therefore, be very tricky when the time you have at your disposal is relatively limited, and you have to come up with a fast enough solution.

What to Keep in Mind about Blood Drug Tests

Its, first of all, important to remember that blood tests are not very common, but when they are required by an employer or as part of a sports testing procedure, they are usually short notice. Also, in many cases, they may be accompanied by a urine drug test. which would also detect metabolites that can tell the testers a lot about your long term drug use habits as well.

Blood tests, in contrast, are not focused on detecting metabolites. Generally, if you havent had any drugs in more than a day, you should be safe. Nevertheless, there are instances in which this isnt the case, and, sometimes, even if you havent had any drugs for a long time (or ever), false positives are possible. In fact, they tend to happen in about 5% of all cases.

All these facts are reason enough to search for the best products and methods geared toward dealing with blood drug tests as quickly and effectively as possible. Whether you want to get a job youve always dreamt of, or you just want to make sure that you can keep your existing job, finding the most efficient techniques to deal with the problem is of paramount importance.

Why Most Products Wont Work

Not every product designed for passing drug tests works, and there is a very good reason for this. Many detox product manufacturers market their products as working like some kind of magic potion that will effectively remove all traces of drugs from your body within a few hours.

This doesnt usually work like this, especially if you use marijuana, cocaine or amphetamines for extensive periods of time. In many cases, the detox process needs to last for a few days especially after youve smoked pot. Some blood tests can detect marijuana in your body even 7 days after your last smoke, so in such cases, trying out a product a few hours before the test will usually not yield the best results.

Nevertheless, there are many efficient products that will help you get rid of any traces of drug use in your blood that could cause you to fail your drug test. If used properly, these detox tools will accelerate the process, and improve it, so it will be easier to mask the use of certain drugs even under shorter periods of time.

Efficient Methods for Passing Your Drug Test

It takes about 2 days on average for marijuana to disappear from your blood. A single day would be required for LSD and cocaine, and about half a day for codeine, certain amphetamines and heroin.

The best way to for your blood test is to follow a strict plan for at least 2 days before the test (if possible) consisting of a drug-free period and the use of detox products based on specific natural formulas and/or various chemicals designed to speed up the detoxification process.

In some cases, stronger versions of the same detox pills or formulas are required if you weigh more than 200 pounds, since the amount of fat stored by your body can have a strong effect on the results of the test.

Some of the most expensive and efficient products on the market also provide you with a time window of about 6 hours in which you can take the drug test after having used the product. These can ensure (with some certainty) that your test will not come out positive during that time.

It is, of course, important to use your discernment when selecting between various detox products. Most, however, will work as long as you follow the guidelines provided with the product and you are able to stay drug-free at least for a short period of time.