How to pass a hair drug test

Although most of the time employers tend to use urine and blood sample drug tests, youve probably heard of hair drug tests in the past. This type of drug test uses the deposits of chemicals within the hair follicle to test for past drug use for up to an impressive period of almost 3 months.

Basically, if over the past few weeks and months youve had anything from marijuana to cocaine, MDMA, PCP or amphetamines, chances are that itll show up on the test with remarkable accuracy, so your employer will not only know what you had, but when you had it as well. In fact, some testers boast an accuracy rate of 99%.

All about Hair Drug Tests

So how do you beat a drug test that gives accurate results 99% of the time? Well the secret is in understanding, first of all, that in the real world theres no such thing, and that there are always some efficient methods that can ensure at least a certain degree of success in eliminating the drug traces from your hair.

First off, its important to understand how the drug test works. As your hair grows up to 1-2 inches in 90 days, it has to use blood for that amount of growth. This means that, as long as you use drugs during that period, the blood will gradually deposit into the hair follicle either the drug or the specific chemical residue it leaves behind.

During the test, specialists take a small hair sample that would account for the past 90 days of hair growth (older samples usually cant provide good enough accuracy, so they arent used), and they proceed to analyse it and look for drug deposits.

These deposits will essentially be able to tell when you had certain types of drugs, somewhat like rings on a tree. Since not many substances are able to penetrate the hair follicle to erase that information, the method can be extremely effective.

Major Misconceptions about the Hair Drug Test

Before starting to look for the best methods to beat a hair drug test, its important to take into account a few simple dos and donts that could save you a lot of trouble and may even help save your job. Here they are, for your convenience:

  • First of all, as soon as hair follicle tests started being used in the early 2000s, people already knew one way of making sure they dont reveal any kind of drug use: shave your hair 7 days before your test, and your troubles are over; or are they? Unfortunately, it doesnt work so easily, as employers will automatically realise what youre playing at and either fail you on the spot, or organise a urine or blood test instead.
  • Its important to know which types of products and detox supplements to avoid. Cheap shampoos, for instance almost never work, since there are only a few shampoos that are known to produce good results, and in most cases they cost pretty much. On the other hand, you also have to be able to spot offers that are too good to be true, such as those promising a 200% money back guarantee.
  • Finally, before you panic, make sure that your employer actually tests for the kinds of drugs you may have used. For instance, its common knowledge that most employers that adopt hair follicle tests to test their existing or future employees dont normally look for casual pot users, and they also arent too interested in inhalants, LSD, mescaline or anabolic steroids.

Types of Products to Look for

Shampoos are your best chance at eliminating the chemical residue found in your hair effectively enough to be able to pass the drug test. These products use powerful chemicals and often need to be used over and over again for the best results.

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Another viable method is to use a personalised detox program. Experienced detox specialists can guide you through the process of selecting the right products depending on the types of drugs you want to mask – though it might be difficult to find such a specialist you trust enough to tell him about your habits.

Finally, you can also use a DIY detox kit that combines various home remedies and natural products with special chemicals designed to help remove all the metabolites from your hair.

These methods should help you figure out what path to take when trying to pass an upcoming hair drug test. Even if the odds seem to be against you, with the right information at your disposal, you will prevail.