How to pass a saliva drug test

Making sure you can pass a drug test is no easy feat. Even people who have done it before might find it difficult to get through the process once more, especially since the same methods that use to work in the past might not be as effective any longer.

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Fortunately, a saliva drug test is not that difficult to cope with, and there are many commonly used substances that cant be detected by most saliva tests after a few days. Nevertheless, its still very important to make sure you use only the best and safest methods, if you want to pass your test with flying colours.


Types of Drugs to Look Out for

Before looking into the top ways to pass a saliva drug test, lets take a closer look at exactly which types of drugs you should be more worried about. Naturally, no matter what type of substance you use, being an addict or an everyday user will have a much stronger impact on your body than the one associated with most casual users.

Nevertheless, there are a few drugs that are more worthy to take into consideration than others:

  • Meth and Ecstasy will take up to 4 days to clear out of your body. This means that, if you take your drug test 2-4 days after having taken the drugs, you may still get a positive result.
  • In contrast, many opiates will only show up on a saliva test for up to 2-3 days, while cocaine will be out of your system after a single day.
  • You may already know that alcohol is generally undetectable more than 12 hours after youve had your last drink.
  • Finally, the biggest surprise comes from marijuana and hash. While, in urine tests, these drugs can be detected even 30 days after your last use, a saliva drug test will only yield a positive result for about 12-24 hours. After a day, you should be fine.

Still, there is a certain degree of risk, since saliva tests do not require a lot of preparation, and you might be surprised at work by your boss, who could decide to organise an emergency saliva drug test at a very short notice. As such, you need to know exactly what to do to beat the test and, of course, keep your job.

Clearing a Saliva Test – What Will It Take?

Due to the lower efficiency of saliva drug tests, there are plenty of easy ways to overcome them. Simply avoiding any dugs for about a week or so will definitely do the trick, but if youre pressed for time, you can also consider:

  • Chewing gum – some types of gum are said to have a strong effect, and can mask drug use. However, this practice has not been scientifically verified, and its hard to say what different kinds of chewing gum will do in every specific circumstance.
  • Using altoid mints right before the test is also said to be a fairly effective home remedy that has been known to work.
  • Also a short term diet based on larger quantities of fat and water (although not overly large) can have beneficial effects when it comes to helping you pass the saliva test.

While these methods cannot be confirmed and their effectiveness is questioned by many, there are other ways that are known to guarantee negative test results. Using these would be your best choice if you absolutely have to make sure that youll pass the test without a risk.

The Easy Way to Pass Your Drug Test

The simplest way to make sure a short notice drug test will not get you kicked out from your workplace or prevent you from getting your dream job is to take a natural detox product designed to be used as a common mouthwash.

The great thing about these types of products is that theyre so easy to use. All you have to do is take the fluid into your mouth and swish for up to 2-3 minutes. After repeating the process, any trace of drugs or alcohol should be completely gone.

As long as youre not an avid drug user, a saliva drug test should be extremely easy to pass, and even if you need to take care of the matter at a short notice, special natural mouthwashes can still help you with your problem.