How to pass a sweat drug test

Sweat drug tests are quite new and arent used as often by employers when compared to other tests, such as hair and urine blood tests. Nevertheless, these tests can still be very effective at telling whether you had a joint on Monday or sniffed some cocaine recently.

As such, they need to be treated with an equal amount of seriousness as any other drug test – perhaps even more so, since there arent many ways to actually tamper with the test when it comes to using advanced items such as sweat patches.

Nevertheless, sweat drug tests have their own weaknesses and limitations. So you can still hope to beat them, as long as you give yourself enough time and use the most practical and effective methods available.

Careful Planning

The first thing you need to do is to plan ahead as long as possible and give yourself as much time as you can to prepare for the test. The longer you remain drug-free before you are tested, the better your chances at avoiding a positive test result.

Now, sweat tests are tricky since they arent too invasive and employers can ask for them to be performed at a shorter notice. However, you still dont have to let one of these tests to take you by surprise. You can prepare for them by:

  • Observing your companys policy (or the policy of the company you want to apply for a job at), and see how often they might consider a drug test;
  • Carefully following the exact date of your test in case you are being tested for drugs while under probation – to avoid the scheduled dates sneaking up on you;
  • Avoiding the use of drugs completely from the moment you find out you will be subjected to a sweat test;
  • Using a combination of home remedies and professionally manufactured products to detox your body as quickly as possible, and make sure you stand the best chance for obtaining a negative test result.

While in most cases, testing negative for the use of various illicit substances is not an easy feat, for sweat drug tests, it can be more straightforward than you might imagine. This is due to the nature of these tests and their somewhat limited ability of producing accurate readings.

The Specifics of a Sweat Drug Test

Studies using sweat patches started to show that it is possible in some conditions to determine whether or not a person has used illicit drugs have sparked an entire revolution in the drug testing world. More and more employers have begun using sweat patches as a less invasive method for detecting drug use among employees.

While it has proven to be promising – which is not good news for anyone wanting to avoid drug tests as much as possible – there are a few important drawbacks associated with the use of this technique:

  • The chance of producing false positives is quite high due to the fact that environmental factors can interfere in the end result.
  • The same is true for false negatives, although studies have thus far failed to produce any clear results in this direction.
  • The cost of sweat drug tests is usually undetermined, and it can be quite high, depending on the technological resources that your employer might require, compared to other types of tests, such as a urine drug test.
  • Most importantly – this drug test is unable to specify the amount of any type of illicit substance that youve used in the near past which makes it quite unreliable.

Detox Products to Consider

Detox products and dieting are considered the best methods for passing a sweat drug test, due to the fact that the THC built up in body fat is released when you sweat, so it would be likely to show up on test results if you havent purged it out in a fair amount of time.

Products are readily available for helping to pass blood and urine tests, or even hair follicle drug tests, but they are less often found when it comes to sweat tests. The best detox products, however, can accelerate the positive effects of a good diet, while making sure your metabolism is accelerated, and that when the day of the test arrives, you can use a sweat patch even at a short notice.

It is extremely important, of course, that, aside from using the best detox products, you also adopt a general “detox lifestyle” for as long as possible before the test begins.