How to pass a urine drug test

Like in many other places around the world, employers have started becoming more and more strict in Australia, many even applying detailed drug tests to check if their future employees are using any illicit substances.

One of the most common and difficult to beat drug tests are urine drug tests – procedures through which experts test your urine for determining whether you have used any illegal substances in the past few days or even weeks.

These drug tests arent always accurate, or sometimes they may be “too” precise, picking up remnants of certain substances used maybe once in a lifetime a month ago or so. To keep these risks at bay and get a fair chance at a job you might be perfect for, consider the following tips for passing a urine drug test.


What Not to Do

First of all, its a common misconception that drinking a lot of water will help you pass a drug test. This is almost never the case. Plus, aside from the fact that drinking large quantities of water before the test can lead to colourless urine and potentially arouse suspicion, the practice itself is quite dangerous and can lead to water poisoning.

Another method people tend to try out when attempting to get past a urine drug test is the use of synthetic urine products. While these might work just fine in some cases, you might want to find out more about the test before deciding to use them.

In some cases, once you go down to take the drug test, you will not be allowed to use the sink or even flush the toilet. During tests where this is a standard process, using synthetic urine without being detected can be difficult, so you should only attempt it if you know for certain that the test will allow some degree of freedom.

Detox Your Body without Special Means

Many people are unaware of the fact that they can actually make sure they will test negative for a drug test, as long as they simply follow a thorough and intelligent detox process. The amount of time and effort you will have to dedicate to this method can be quite extensive. The results will also be impressive, as long as you did your research.

Of course, its also important to remember that the effort you need to put into the practice depends on how frequently you use various substances and which types of substances youve used. For instance, amphetamines can only be detected for up to 3 days by your standard urine test, so if you dont use them frequently, you should be safe. On the other hand, methadone and PCP will stay in your body for over a week, and if youre a heavy PCP user, you can expect a positive result even 30 days later.

There are plenty of natural ways to pass a urine drug test. Diets and exercise are among the best ways to deal with the problem, particularly in the case of marijuana – a drug that can linger on in your body particularly if you are overweight. Taking diuretics such as cranberry juice can also help you get rid of metabolites faster and reduce the chance of testing positive during a drug test.

Its important, of course, to also remember that these methods are not infallible, and, unless you find a quality natural product based on diuretics, or a few good supplements to help you lose weight faster and speed up the process, the process can also be quite slow.

Natural Products – 100% Legal Methods

Fortunately, there are quite a few 100% legal and safe detox tools and products you can use to obtain remarkably fast and efficient results. They can help you not only detox your body after using substances such as nicotine, marijuana, amphetamines, MDMA and more; they will also mask the presence of the drug much more effectively than any home remedy you can use.

These fast and effective supplements will take the risk and hassle out of having to buy products such as synthetic urine, while also ensuring that you will not need any highly expensive or difficult to apply drugs and remedies. All you have to do is order the detox product of your choice and use it for a short amount of time to get rid of all metabolites and walk in with confidence to take your urine test.